Michael Schießl on beauty, truth and good relationships in UX und eCommerce

The Webinar

First impressions count, especially for digital, customer relationships. Michael Schießl sees the first, brief moments in the perception of a product or a brand as an opportunity for successful relationship building. The perception of beautiful moments can become a starting point for successful relationships in a digital world.

He explains how value, purpose, and beauty can be combined in UX and eCommerce to successfully build lasting connections between customers and brands.

“Beautiful, true and good”
Perception in UX and eCommerce as the beginning of the digital relationship

Michael Schießl in an Interview

In his interview, Michael Schießl goes into more details about the challenges of building successful, digital connections between customers and brands in an atmosphere of short-lived attention spans.

“Beautiful, true and good: that’s how the beginning of a brand-to-human relationship should be,” he says.

For the perception of communication, we must not forget that it is of great importance whether and how the recipient processes the message. Michael Schießl sees the importance of beauty as a motive for viewing intensity as undervalued.

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The eye square Media Attention Benchmark shows that good creations still have a lasting effect in the memory of a recipient despite ever shorter attention windows. Therefore, the user’s attention should be understood as a gift and the moment should be a beautiful experience.

With a quick and efficient comparison, UX Online Benchmarking, can compare your own brand presence with its environment.

Understanding digital buying behavior better through insights helps to build successful customer relationships if you set the course for a true and good perception of your products and your brand at the right moment.

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