Screenforce Days in Zurich and Duesseldorf

Be part of Screenforce Days in Zurich and Düsseldorf!

This year the Screenforce Days Germany 2024 will take place in a completely new dual setting: on June 13th, Screenforce Germany invites advertisers and media agencies for the first time to the “Screenforce Festival” in Düsseldorf. Part 2 of the Screenforce Days will take place at DMEXCO in Cologne, where you can meet Screenforce on the “Future TV Stage” with its own program and lounge area.

At Screenforce Days in Switzerland you have the opportunity to get the newest insights into the current Screenforce-study project presented by Senior Research Consultant Marvin Vogt. And you can witness a presentation by Dr. Martin Andree (AMP Digital Ventures), who also delivered a talk at Memex 2022 as guest speaker and as member of our business network.

As always, TV presenter Wolfram Kons guides you through the program and you can look forward to top-notch presentations on TV, good food, and exciting company for networking!

Get a sneak-preview into the new Screenforce-study collaboration and meet Media Expert Marvin Vogt in Zurich!

Into the Wild – Wie wirken Werbekontakte in der echten Welt?

Kongresshaus Zürich
Tuesday, 4th June 2024

It’s all about attention-Screenforce Festival Germany

Stefan Schönherr, Vice President Brand & Media Experience and Partner at eye square, will follow up with a second talk on the study at the Screenforce Days Germany on June 13th. The event combines elaborate program screenings by TV marketers and broadcasters with an accompanying congress program and this year everything will be new and Screenforce is opening the doors for a two-day festival!

Screenforce Days love research topics which is already a good reason to visit the Screenforce Festival and they will present new, important results from the new study collaboration between eye square and Screenforce. Know more about “Into the Wild” and how ad contacts do in real world!

Get deeper insights in the topic of advertising contacts and meet Brand & Media Expert Stefan Schönherr in Düsseldorf!

Into the Wild – Wie wirken Werbekontakte in der echten Welt?

TV Festival Plaza Düsseldorf
Thursday, 13th June 2024

Marvin Vogt

Marvin Vogt works as a Senior Research Consultant in the Brand and Media Experience Unit of eye square. He holds a Master of Science in Marketing and Consumer Psychology with a focus on buying and consumer behavior from the University of Sussex, where he graduated with distinction. Before joining eye square, he successfully established and developed a new medical technology brand in a pharmaceutical company. He also is a trained banker.

In addition to his work as a research consultant, he is a lecturer at Nuertingen Geislingen University, where he teaches empirical research methods. He also holds a lectureship in marketing at the Berlin School of Economics and Law.

Stefan Schönherr

Since 2007, Stefan Schönherr has been working as a brand and media specialist in the Brand and Media Experience unit at eye square. After six years of gaining invaluable knowledge within the company, Stefan became the head of his unit in 2013 and is a Partner since 2018.

Stefan conducts quantitative studies on the understanding of media genres and media use. He is not only interested in new online display advertising formats and social media, but also the importance of the printed word in the modern media landscape.

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