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Can Artificial Intelligence be like us?

The digital association Bitkom has been investigating the acceptance of AI for some time. Companies that use intelligent algorithms hope to gain competitive advantages and profits through increased efficiency. AI was viewed skeptically just a few years ago, but now around three-quarters of citizens see it as an opportunity. The impression now prevails that artificial intelligence makes everyday life easier.

The Corona pandemic has given digitization an additional boost, shopping habits have changed and online sales have risen sharply in the last two years. In which areas will consumers increasingly come into contact with AI in the future, and how great will their acceptance be? What follows technologies supported by AI such as facial recognition or voice assistance systems like Siri or Alexa?

Robots that perform a service are promising here. In the future, they will be a familiar sight in everyday life. Whether users accept robots as a service also depends on whether they are similar to humans. Read more about the future of AI starting on page 50 in the article by Katharina Müller at planung & analyse!

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