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Market research for successful planning in the marketing mix

The publishing world is in a state of upheaval. Advertising revenues are becoming more volatile and business models are being realigned. Direct customer revenues are becoming increasingly important in the industry. In the search for more reader revenue, publishers can resort to various measures. How can market research support the successful planning of the marketing mix?

Successful brands plan with the help of valid data. As a professional partner, market research can help publishers provide scientifically sound data. The research approaches of the institutes are characterized by different, scientific approaches.

eye square‘s research is experience-oriented and draws on insights from neuromarketing, depth psychology and social cognition in media research. We thus map the central levels of human experience, perception, feeling and thinking.

The eye square analysis model plays to its strengths in market research on advertising impact, as it focuses on the visual impressions of consumers. Print advertising as an example in the test of a marketing mix performs excellently as a measure. Our research approach is suitable for all types of media: print, out-of-home, TV and attention measurement in digital worlds, helping you to successfully place your brand messages.

In the current interview at Print & more, Michael Schießl explains, how eye square’s research approach differs from other market researchers, where the content-related focus of our research lies, and which mix of methods obtains valid data for the media industry. You will also find information on the business models of DCORE, Landau Media and PMG Presse-Monitor/X-CAGO B.V.

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