marktforschung.de Dossier “Give the Brand a Voice”

Give the brand a voice-Empiricism and the sound in brand communication


Auditory content is growing in popularity and gaining more and more importance in brand communication. Consumers invest a lot of time in listening to podcasts, for example. Global advertising revenues for podcasts are expected to double in 2022, compared to 2019.

The voice and its sound play an important role in brand communication. Our hearing can pick out the finest nuances from voices. The voice of a brand should be in harmony with the intended positioning and strategic direction of all marketing activities, brands communicate with consumers on more than just one level.

Our dossier presents four empirically obtained types of brand voices for strategic use. According to our understanding, the voice of a brand is relevant to the consumer on three system levels: System 0 as the perception level, System 1 describes how the brand feels and what emotions it triggers, and System 2 shows how clearly and understandably a brand comes across to the consumer.

If a brand is looking for a voice that harmonizes with the brand image, it makes sense, to choose an empirical test after an initial screening of potential speakers. That provides data-based support for the gut feeling of fit with the brand. eye square regularly conducts studies in which voices will be measured implicitly and based on reaction time for brands. From these studies, we have developed a brand voice model that helps our clients classify how the voice can be described.

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