marktforschung.de Dossier Advertising Impact Measurement meets Consumers’ Behavior

Collecting In-context Behavioral Data–Using Real-World Advertising Impact Measurement for Advertising Contacts

How well advertising works and how effective it is is the central question for the advertising industry and advertising-financed media. The track record determines the investment in advertising and the or the pricing of advertising space. In Germany, about 38 million euros were invested in advertising measures in 2021, of which about 18 billion in TV advertising.

In the analog age, advertising impact was defined by the reach of the advertising medium and the budget spent on creating and placing the advertising. The selection of a suitable advertising space played a major role. In the past, measuring advertising effectiveness was limited to the perceived proxy metrics and follow-up surveys.

With the dawn of a digital era, advertisers are breaking with this concept more and more. Advertising channels are becoming increasingly fragmented, and with the new diversity, advertising effectiveness research has become differentiated and professionalized. Today, research is conducted where customer behavior takes place in real life, such as in social commerce. In the present, the customer journey has become even shorter, so contextual methods are used to measure and analyse, and a contextual approach is revolutionizing digital advertising research.

What levels in consumer perception can be captured with this approach, and what new measurement methods are currently being used for this in market research?

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