Highlight-Events with eye square in September

The huge choice of conferences and events in the market research industry is overwhelming and confusing. We have clearly positioned ourselves for the month of September, and are in the middle of a veritable event marathon!


The Memex Conference Berlin is particularly close to our hearts. Since 2015, we have hosted the event annually at our own premises. This month is one of our most active in the annual planning. Where can you meet us in September? Find the highlights here!

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eye square Memex Conference Berlin

Sept 15, 2022 in Berlin

This year, we are dedicating ourselves to the human face, which is of central importance for human communication and in the human experience. We have invited a hand-picked selection of experts from neuroscience and technology, art and business. Together we want to decode this complex topic through the presentations of our guest speakers!

Michael Schießl opens the event with a fast-paced PechKucha presentation, Ekaterina Cechini, Dr Martin Andree, Dr Frank Buckler, Olaf Schlesiger, Zoya Dare, Katharina Weinstock and Mathias Krupna. Visit us in person or as a virtual guest!

In addition to food trucks, boat trips on the Spree and live music, we also have a special event in the evening: the eye square Perception Family is hosting a Start-Up Pitch Night together with Sally Abdelghafar (Entrepreneur in Residence at eye square)!

INSUMMIT Festiwal Insightów i Innowacji in Warschau

Sept 22-23, 2022 in Warsaw

We invite you to participate in “INSUMMIT – Festival of Insights and Innovations” in Warsaw! It is one of the most professional networking events in Central Europe and gives visitors a chance to better understand the research and diagnostics market in Poland. INSUMMIT- Festival invites everyone who is fascinated by the diversity of human behaviour and is inspired by it in their actions.

Experts from UX/CX and HX research and data science, innovators and strategists, consultants and doers from marketing, design and the media will meet here. Topics such as sustainable growth, culture and entertainment and political engagement are also covered by the event. We are supporting the event as a sponsor and you can meet us in person at the Summit in Booth 9.

Horizont Werbewirkungsgipfel

Sept 27-28, 2022 in Frankfurt am Main

This year, the Advertising Impact Summit will take place under the motto “The real impact: Advertising impact on the way to the next level”. Every year, the HORIZONT Advertising Impact Summit gives advertisers and media planners an overview of the current state of research.

Our speakers this year are Stefan Schönherr, who, together with Dierk Ziems from concept m research&consulting, will present a current Screenforce study (Mapping the Moods). And Nuria Sichalla, who will also speak together with Stefan Schönherr on the experience of TikTok users.

Insights 2022 FfM

Sept 27-28, 2022 in Frankfurt am Main

In this year’s lecture, Michael Schießl deals with new dimensions of the human experience in market research. The Human Experience (HX) is the interaction between humans and machines. With the advancement of new technologies, the perception of image, language and space is changing.

A particular challenge for market researchers is the apparent fusion of the real and fiction. Michael Schießl presents the impact of the latest developments on human attention of a virtual world.

ECRTag 2022

Sept 29, 2022 in Düsseldorf

ECR Day is Germany’s leading retail congress for the consumer goods industry. Current trends in retail, forward-looking strategies and exciting innovations on topics such as category management, shopper experience and shopper insights, AI in retail, data, omnichannel and e-commerce and related topics are discussed by selected speakers.

The digitalisation process we are living right now offers advertisers a growing availability of user data, and constantly new channels and innovations in digital marketing. In this year’s lecture group “Collaborate for Analytics”, Dr. Friedrich Jakobi will address the question of how human-machine interactions are to be classified psychologically. Salience-based methods aim to approximate human perception. But do these correspond to actual attention at the point of sale?

Neuromarketing World Forum 2022

Sept 28-30, 2022 in Berlin

News from the world of neuromarketing! After the end of the pandemic, you can finally meet us in person again at the international meeting focusing on neuromarketing and behavioural economics! We are sponsors, have a speaker slot and will also be on site as a contact person! Felix Metger will talk about the synergy effects in In-Context testing and eye-tracking!


Quirk’s Wisdom Wednesday

Sept 21, 2022 at 10.00 (ET) Online

In September, you will have the opportunity to share and ask questions with CRO Jeff Bander in a Quirk’s webinar. If you want to better understand user behaviour, you will have the opportunity to learn more about System 0 and the process of early, human perception at Wisdom Wednesday in September.

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