eye square Study Track the Success at AUDIENCExSCIENCE 2022

12th to 14th of April 2022

eye square “Tracks the Success”–The ARF selects innovative Screenforce genre study as a winning paper

The need for solid information, standards and transparency has never been greater. The Advertising Research Foundation Board of Trustees has therefore selected the most important research papers to be presented at AUDIENCExSCIENCE 2022 from 12 to 14 April 2022.

We are among them in the category FRONTIERS OF MEASURING MEDIA BEHAVIORS! With our paper on the innovative ethnography study “Track the Success”, which we conducted last year together with Screenforce as in-home initiative, we present a comparison in the reception and impact of advertising in different media.

Track the Success compares and explains the differences in TV, BVOD and the channels Youtube and Facebook. Stefan Schönherr and Malte Hildebrandt, Managing Directors at Screenforce, will present this study at AUDIENCExSCIENCE 2022.

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More Information

This recording gives you some Insights to “Track the Success”.

Track the Success
TV vs. Other Video Advertising Platforms

Session at:
Tuesday, April 12, 2022

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The conference in April will also address these other topics:

  • What changes can be observed in the behaviour of media audiences in general?
  • What are the current possibilities for cross-platform measurement of video?
  • What is the progress in ensuring quality in measurement results?
  • When is advertising liked, when does advertising seem likeable?
  • What is the current state of data collection for media such as print, audio and out-of-home?
  • How do you deal with gaps in the collection of data or with its distortion that arises from data protection requirements in Big Behaviour Data?


Stefan Schönherr
Unit Lead Brand and Media | Partner

Malte Hildebrandt
Geschäftsleitung Screenforce

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