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From March 20-21. 2023, ARF’s annual AUDIENCExSCIENCE conference 2024 will bring together experts and interested participants to debate the most important issues in audience measurement.

Through keynotes, panels, debates and rigorously peer-reviewed research presentations, the event aims to illustrate a variety of new and established industry topics to attendees.

Experts from around the world will present their perspectives on the future of advertising research and measurement and how the technologies and data trends of the future will impact advertising and media.

The papers presented were selected following a call to the industry for new and innovative developments and content, which were reviewed by a rigorous panel.

Our eye square experts, Jeff Bander and Marvin Vogt together with Sandra Schümann will be presenting the winning paper “Mapping the Impact”.

In the second talk, Dr. Matthias Rothensee and Stefan Schönherr will share insights on the topic of “Human Experience – Why Attention AI Needs Human Input”.

Learn more about the winning paper

The winning paper, “Mapping the Impact,” answers the question of how TV advertisers can increase the effectiveness of their campaigns by taking into account different concrete situations in which media is consumed.

In this study, eye square and Screenforce conducted a media ethnography to measure viewer attention in their living rooms. eye square’s unique InContext technology, which enables authentic ad substitution in real TV broadcasts, allowed the companies to measure the combined impact of different ad characteristics and usage situations at home and in real-life situations. A camera tracked eye and head movements during viewing sessions, accurately capturing each viewer’s attention levels and reaction to the content and advertisements, and participants answered detailed questionnaires on the advertising impact after the sessions, generating a comprehensive impact analysis.

“The effectiveness of advertising spots depends on the situation in which they are viewed,” said Jeff Bander, president of eye square. “Our new study proves that advertising effectiveness is shaped by the time of day and specific viewing situation; a viewer who is watching an advertisement in the early afternoon while multitasking will be less engaged than a viewer watching on a weekend evening and spending quality time with family. The results of this study offer real, actionable insights for marketers, allowing them to more effectively pair ad characteristics with optimal time and viewing situation. You can and should tailor your ad to each TV spot.”

As a result of the study, eye square and Screenforce have developed an easy-to-use matching tool that allows marketers to understand immediately whether their advertisement will optimize viewer awareness. The matching tool reflects the study’s findings: for example, advertisements delivered when audiences are the most distracted should feature strong branding and realistic product presentations; in the early evening, advertisements are more effective if they deliver emotions and create a positive mood.

“Historically, marketers have had to make educated guesses regarding which advertising assets would deliver the best results during each time of the day,” said Matthias Rothensee, chief research officer at eye square. “Our new research combines detailed, qualitative viewer feedback with objective tracking of eye and head movements to provide clear takeaways on advertising impact. Marketers that take advantage of these insights will see a demonstrated improvement in the performance of their campaigns.” 

Download “Mapping the Impact” paper

Find out more about the “Mapping the Impact” study now!

Meet our experts

President eye square INC

Senior Research Consultant UX

Live Presentation

Wednesday, March 20 | 12.00 -12.20 

Mapping the Impact: When, How and Why TV Commercials Work Best

Discover, together with our experts Jeff Bander, Marvin Vogt and our colleague Sandra Schümann, how the style of commercials is related to usage situations and advertising impact.

Senior Advertising Researcher

CSO & Partner

Vice President Brand & Media Experience and Partner

Live Presentation

Wednesday, March 20  | 2.20 -2.40 p.m. CEST

Human Experience: Why Attention AI Needs Human Input

Learn with our experts Dr. Matthias Rothensee and Stefan Schönherr why inputting real human data into ML models of human attention is important.

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