Advertising Week: We’re Still in the Early Innings of Advertising on Amazon


For years, digital advertising has been dominated by two behemoths: Google and Facebook. The tech giants were able to grab hold of the marketplace not only based on the sheer scope of their audiences but also on the sophisticated measurement and analytics tools they were able to offer their customers.  Recently, the tides of the Google and Facebook duopoly are shifting as eMarketer marked a drop in Google’s ad revenues for the first time. But what contributed to the fact the past two years we have seen the rise of a third major online advertising player? In a new article of the Advertising Week, Jeff Bander, U.S. CRO of eye square, explains the reasons of that swift, by analyzing the consumer behavior and conversion, assessing brand impact and quantifying the return on investment.

“Above all, brands and marketers will always be most interested in the dollars-and-cents impact of their advertisements. Amazon testing can answer two key questions that help advertisers to determine the value of their spending: Which ad delivers the best ROI? and Is it worth investing more in premium paid ads/content?” – says Jeff Bander.

Find the full article with exciting insights and recommendations for action here.

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