The impact of young people’s diffrent use of mobiles on ad effectiveness

Digital Natives’ use of devices questions established advertising impact factors


In the study “Track the Success”, which eye square conducted on behalf of the TV genre initiative Screenforce 2021, an age effect can be proven for all recorded impact parameters and across all media. The 40-plus generation consistently performs better in media use.

“Digital natives are more practised in using apps and devices, they are more impatient and quicker to scroll and click”, explains Stefan Schönherr, Unit Lead and Partner at eye square, and their media use is “more fluid overall”.

For the coveted group of young customers and users, however, the usual advertising effectiveness indicators are put to the test. The speed and impatience with which young people can move through apps and feeds is a decisive factor that also concerns advertisers because this behaviour has an impact on the effect of advertising spots.

For the advertising impact, this behaviour has serious consequences: Not more, but less advertising sticks in this age group. Advertising is recognized more quickly by younger people and is also clicked away more quickly. “Active avoidance is promoted by skill in using apps and devices”, says Guido Modenbach, EVP Research, Analytics & Consulting at Seven.One Entertainment Group.

Read what other factors in the user behaviour of digital natives influence the impact of advertising, and how advertisers and TV marketers can achieve effective reach among younger people.

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