A Review on our Collaboration with DAC.digital

How market research and technological companies complement each other in their cooperation

All about our partnership with DAC.digital and the art of perception, emotions, and thinking

This year we were able to strengthen our ties with technology company DAC.digital even further. After another successful in-house Memex Conference in Berlin, we partnered with DAC.digital for the first time to host another Memex Conference in Gdańsk also this year.

It was an event where we extensively explored the topic of “Technology and the Art of Human Experience” and leveraged our shared network of speakers from the fields of research, business, and the arts.

MEMEX Poland covered artificial intelligence, insights into human perception and AI-generated art, gaming, that is slowly taking over the media scene, and the eye square InContext research platform “SPARK”. Our joint conference is accompanied by a selection of recordings, which you can watch here.

Therefore, it was a pleasure for us that Marketing Manager Natalia Paprota visited us in Berlin after Memex in early November to conduct an interview with Michael Schießl and Friedrich Jakobi.

We have been working together for some time, and DAC.digital has also successfully supported us in the development of the InContext platform “SPARK”, a highlight project. Our vision is to use methods and technical tools to explore implicit attitudes and emotions, and we want to better understand what is going on at the perceptual, emotional, and thought levels of users and consumers.

DAC.digital has supported us in realizing this vision in a platform that is very easily built and user-friendly, and that allows us to combine the latest findings from neuropsychology and media psychology. We decided to work with the project team again for a new project, not only because we are very impressed with their expertise, but also because of our good experience working with our colleagues from Gdańsk.

You can read the full interview with Natalia Paprota, Michael Schießl, and Friedrich Jakobi as a blog article and watch it as a video.

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