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Yesterday, the online magazine MediaPost, a platform offering a comprehensive range of resources for professionals in media, marketing, and advertising, published some of the main results of our collaborative study “Mapping the Impact” conducted by Screenforce.

In his comment, Wayne Friedman, provided valuable insights for experts involved in TV advertising by commenting the recent research findings from the study “Mapping the Impact” on the effectiveness of TV ads during various times of the day.

The eye square study-collaboration with Screenforce suggests that matching ads to specific time slots and viewing situations can maximize impact. It found that earlier in the day is better for strong brand messages, while after work hours, ads should focus on creating a good mood and storytelling.

Despite the general preference for earlier ad placements, the study also highlighted that advertising recall tends to be higher later in the day, underscoring the importance of strategic timing.

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Mapping the Impact: When, How and Why TV Commercials Work Best

Discover, together with our experts Jeff Bander, Marvin Vogt and our colleague Sandra Schümann, how the style of commercials is related to usage situations and advertising impact.


“The results of this study offer real, actionable insights for marketers, allowing them to more effectively pair ad characteristics with optimal time and viewing situation. You can and should tailor your ad to each TV spot”.

_Jeff Bander

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