New Screenforce Moving Images Study “Mapping the Moods”

In Depth-Understanding Moving Image Advertising-Screenforce’s “Mapping the Moods” Study

The topic of context is becoming increasingly important for media planners in order to understand how moving images are used by the audience, and thus to precisely target advertising and optimize its impact. Following on from “Track the Success,” which focused on examining the usage situation, the current Screenforce study “Mapping the Moods” delves deeper into the feelings of the audience.

The study reveals three key findings:

  • Content alone cannot be used to draw conclusions about the context of use
  • The medium of television offers a broad spectrum of moods
  • SVOD usage patterns are highly restricted


“Moods”, such as emotion and attention, complement media planning metrics. “Mapping the Moods” is Screenforce’s first comprehensive survey of the video landscape in Germany.

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