Aligning POS communication with phases of the In-Store Shopper Journey

Christian Göldner © Foto by Keckeis Krupna

Which stimuli do consumers perceive at the POS? And how can in-store communication be fine-tuned to create an impact despite the short attention span of consumers? In the new interview with marktforschung.de, eye square’s Senior Research Consultant Christian Göldner explains the possibilities of POS communication and the importance of the In-Store Shopper Journey.

“Shoppers go through different phases with very specific needs and behaviors when shopping in a store, the so-called In-Store Shopper Journey. The shoppers’ receptivity – their openness to certain stimuli and communication offers – varies during the phases. With this knowledge it is easier to address the shoppers at the right time with the relevant messages and offers” – says Christian Göldner.

The full interview with exciting insights and recommendations can be found here.

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03.11.2020 | 11:00 am | Christian Göldner, eye square | 40 Minutes

“Perception and shopper behavior: How in-store communication becomes a success”

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