Eye Tracking in Mobile UX Research – Article in Smashing Magazine

Eye-Tracking in Mobile UX Research: article by Oculid

Thanks to technology, eye-tracking has become more accessible to UX research as it allows researchers to get insights about users’ visual attention. The recent Smashing Magazine article by Oculid explores the latest trends in the eye-tracking market and how the methodology can be included in the UX researcher’s toolbox. A study conducted by eye square using the in-real context testing and Oculid’s smartphone eye-tracking technology shows that remote eye-tracking research conducted on smartphones can give insightful data for UX teams. Those and many more insights can be found in the article:

Mariana Macedo is the Marketing Manager of Oculid, a start-up based in Berlin that offers advanced eye-tracking technology for smartphones. In a joined case study, we explored with Oculid the accuracy and effectiveness of smartphone eye-tracking. 100 U.S. subjects viewed ads on Instagram and then shopped at Wal-Mart.

“Today, brands usually test their designs and prototypes on both devices, desktop, and smartphone. In the past, we had to ” fix” the smartphone in a cradle and place an eye tracker underneath to be able to measure attention. The setup had to be stowed in a large suitcase and flown around the world. With smartphone eye-tracking technology, we can eliminate the need for cradle setups in in-home studies for the first time.” – Madeleine Makaranets (Research Consultant at eye square)

Read the case study here:

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