Inclusion and Diversity in Advertising

eye square and Kantar together in Inclusion and Diversity in Advertising


Inclusion and diversity is a topic that is becoming more and more prevalent all the time. With more widespread adoption, it has become a topic of importance to all forms of media. Multiculturism has an impact on marketing.

Together with eye square Kantar I&D examined how racial representation in advertising is evolving. They wanted to understand diverse reactions to inclusive advertising.

Their studies focused on the consumer’s reactions to single race versus multiracial and diverse ads within diverse audiences. Do people like an ad more when people see their own cultural demands represented? Kantar used an integrated approach to test the ads, using eye-tracking and measuring both explicit and implicit reactions to the advertising.

Some of the Key Findings

    • Racial representation in ads is a hygiene factor with people of color
      feeling strongly about it. Black Americans feeling it even more
    • Promoting racial representation in advertising will only benefit your brand more and brands don’t stand to lose out in any way.
    • Single or multi-racial race ads can cut through all races if the theme
      is relatable and authentic. Even Single race ads are considered
      inclusive or diverse by people of color regardless of the race being

Go in depth in Deepak Varma’s (Head of Neuroscience at Kantar) podcast or webinar.  Watch a recording of the webinar (with registration for free) or listen to his session in the Human Centric AI Podcast.

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