The official launch of eye square System0 App & Cloud

The new, fast and multifunctional eye square research app

The system0 App+Cloud is eye square’s new mobile research power tool for Android to remotely and quickly implement studies for our clients. Adapted to the new needs, it combines research in the cloud with simple and intuitive data collection via app:

  • Study designs can be created online with multiple tasks and automatically sent to the app
  • Participants in a study can download the app from the store and immediately start a study, for example, fill out a survey, then use an app and go on a shopping spree
  • The screen can be recorded along with the face or main camera with a Unixtime timestamp
  • The recording is made available directly in the cloud for further processing and all data is deleted in the app
  • Due to Unixtime and video standards, there is a high compatibility with many other professional applications


The system0 app offers a smart user interface, easy-to-understand onboarding links and tokens for participants. The workflow in data recording and processing complies with the current DSGVO regulations. It is particularly suitable for recording any content on mobile devices with the Android operating system.

We can use it, for example, to determine whether advertising in social media channels is received at all or whether your online store receives visual attention in a mobile context. Other possibilities include recording users and their behavior when using apps or playing online games to gain insights into usability.

It is planned that in the future, eye square’s customers and partners will also be able to independently implement their studies using the software. The new system0 app with cloud is now available for download in the Google Play Store, but can only be used in the context of an ongoing study for data protection reasons.


Dr.  Jan-Michael Kühn
Senior Gaming Experience Expert


Jan-Michael oversees the Gaming Tribe and the system0 Media Ethnography app development. He also lends his help to all stages of research, especially fielding. Jan is an expert in the sociology of experiences, video games UX, neurosemiotics, and qualitative social & market research.

Telefon +49 30 698144-13
Fax +49 30 698144-10

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