Why Agencies Must Look Beyond Social to the Next Frontier: eCommerce


Online shopping experienced an unprecedented boost as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Adding e-commerce as advertising channel helps marketers to cover the bottom of the customer journey and to understand the direct and immediate impact that their media has on sales performance.

For those making their first investments in eCommerce advertising, the following best practices can help to ensure that campaigns immediately start to impact their business and drive conversions:

  • Measure in context
  • Identify what is driving to cart
  • Compare creative executions
  • Test and refine

With customer data, advertising measurements and sales metrics brought together under one roof, it becomes easier for you to make connections and understand the precise effect that certain campaigns have on results.

Social advertising grew to dominate the market because of its unprecedented targeting and measurement capabilities. However, the channel is limited in its ability to measure precisely how many conversions resulted from an individual advertisement or campaign. The addition of eCommerce as a viable advertising channel helps marketers to cover the last mile of the customer journey, understanding the direct and immediate impact of their collateral on sales performance.”  says Jeff Bander

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