“When it comes to advertising impact, television is almost always first.”

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In a pre-interview for the WDM web seminar, eye square’s Marvin Vogt talked about what makes the “Track the Success” Screenforce study so special along with what influences the COVID-19 crisis had on the circumstances. Additionally, he explained the study design and presented the first round of results.


“The more natural an observation and interview situation, the higher the external validity. In applied media research, that’s our goal, so to speak, and the biggest challenge for study design and evaluation. When people watch TV on their own sofa with their own remote control, it makes a lot of difference, because the results are more transferable to reality. Instead of inviting participants to a lab and asking them to “behave as if you were at home”, we can study actual behaviour in their personal, real home, which increases the real world value of the data obtained.” says Marvin Vogt.

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