Webinar series Agile Insights Tools with Sven Diekmann and Dr. Frank Buckler

Accelerating E-Commerce Excellence: The Test & Learn Imperative

In the new webinar episode, Sven Diekmann (Director Business Development, eye square) and Dr. Frank Buckler (supra.tools) talked about the core strategies for accelerating e-commerce excellence through a continuous test and learn cycle.

The following topics were discussed in the webinar:

  • Understanding the importance of the test and learn cycle for ecommerce success.
  • Best practices: practical examples of successful test & learn initiatives in the e-commerce sector.
  • Measuring ROI: evaluating the effectiveness of your test and learn initiatives

After the presentation, the experts answered questions that arose and discussed them.

Watch the recording of the 5th “Agile Insights Tools” webinar if you are interested in adapting your test and learn approach to the rapidly evolving market. It is ideal for e-commerce professionals and marketing managers and provides key insights into improving the performance of an online business through data-driven decisions.

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