Webinar with Carina de López: Experience is key

How to do implicit UX research in the field of automotive

Eye Square and Scale up 360 webinar graphic with Carina de Lopez

Join the webinar with Carina de López on April 11, 2019 at 09:00 CET.

Webinar description:

Customers will have to adapt to many new technologies and interfaces in the future. Traditional research methods assume that users can explain their needs and attitudes rationally. However, modern methodologies acknowledge that our perception, feelings and intuition affect our decisions. Therefore, innovative methods need to be combined to get a holistic picture of a customer’s mind. This presentation shows in an interactive way how limited our rationality is and provides insights into best practices and cases of implicit UX research.

About the speaker:

Carina de López joined eye square’s User Experience team in 2007, has been Unit Lead since 2010, and partner since 2017. She holds a Diploma in Sociology with a focus on methods and media sociology. She is responsible for key accounting, development of user experience research methodology, consulting, and controlling of studies in the field of UX. She is specialized in qualitative methods, emotion tracking, personas and iterative User Experience consulting during product development.

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