The Importance of Eye-Tracking on Smartphones

In Its Recent Report, eye square Highlights The Importance of Smartphone Eye Tracking

“The case study presents us with the opportunity to highlight several benefits of mobile eye-tracking software to brands and how it can enable them to grow without breaching any privacy concern of the customers. Further, it sets the right tone for the brands present in India and how they can use the expertise of eye square and get insights into what the customers see, think, feel and do and what makes the difference.” 

_Volga Benjamin Fernandez, Director (India), eye square


Together with Oculid, eye square recently conducted a smartphone eye tracking study in the US market. The data of 100 participants was recorded in real time in a mobile InContext environment. This made it possible to study different user scenarios.

According to Volga Benjamin Fernandez, the study report addresses the numerous benefits of mobile eye tracking software for brands. The report highlights the growing importance of mobile eye-tracking software to better understand consumer behavior on personal devices, but compromise the privacy of online consumers.

An increasing number of Internet and smartphone users can also be observed in the Indian market. This illustrates a significant growth curve in e-commerce and online transactions. Appropriate government policies support these developments in India and increased consumer confidence in online shopping can be observed, driven by a growing middle class with higher disposable income.

The smartphone eye-tracking study from the U.S. also lays a foundation for the ecosystem of brands in India and e-Commerce testing.

The U.S. study found that users spend a good 200 minutes a day on social media. The report also shows that 66 percent of all searches on social media platforms are done via cell phones.

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