The Benefit of Smartphone Eye-Tracking Software for Brands

“The case study presents us with the opportunity to highlight several benefits of mobile eye-tracking software to brands and how it can enable them to grow without breaching any privacy concern of the customers.

Further, it sets the right tone for the brands present in India and how they can use the expertise of eye square and get insights into what the customers see, think, feel and do and what makes the difference.” 

_Volga Benjamin, Director India, eye square

We recently conducted a survey with our partner Oculid, inviting 100 participants in the United States to record data by using real InContext Research and eye-tracking analysis on the participants’ personal smartphones at home in order to explore various usage scenarios.

The stury report noted that Americans spend more than 200 minutes a day on social media, which is becoming more pertinent for online shopping and advertising. In addition, it revealed that mobile phones account for 66% of social media searches.

Read the full article right here.

About Volga Benjamin


Volga Benjamin Fernandez

Email: benjamin@eye-square.com

With her considerable expertise in marketing communications, business development, and project execution and coordination, Volga is a crucial component of the eye square team in India. She has been involved in several initiatives over the past five years, with an emphasis on user experience, brand, and shopper research in both the Indian and European areas.

Before joining eye square, Volga worked as a marketing and sales professional for a company where she developed her abilities in sales, operations, and online and offline marketing communications. She developed a solid foundation in the field of sales and marketing as a result of these experiences.

Both a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) and a Master of Technology (Mtech) with a focus on Computer Science are included in Volga’s educational background. She holds a master’s degree in business administration (MBA).

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