The Future of Ad Effectiveness in a Post-Nielsen World (article)

The future of ad effectiveness in an “post-Nielsen” world requires innovative measurement tools. Nielsen’s loss of accreditation came as a shock, but the moment itself was the result of years of change and tension in the entertainment and advertising industries.

In 2021, the customer journey became even shorter, as companies embraced “social commerce” — the combination of social media and eCommerce. With social commerce, companies can drive consumers from the moment of inspiration to a completed purchase with just a single tap on a mobile device.

According to eMarketers, more than 101.1M people will become social commerce users by 2023. With the customer journey shorter than ever before, marketers must take a different approach to measure advertising effectiveness.

A post-Nielsen measurement solution must take into consideration the many channels that marketers use to communicate with potential customers today. Beyond just digital video, these channels include social media and eCommerce platforms. Using in-context measurement tools, marketers can gain a clear, unambiguous evaluation of whether an ad is effective.

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