How Attentive Video-Ads Are a Great Predictor of Sales Lift

Study collaboration with Dynata uses realeyes technology to investigate how attention-grabbing video ads can predict sales growth on Amazon

Attention metrics, particularly attentive seconds, are proving to be powerful predictors of sales lift. A study by Dynata and eye square, leveraging realeyes attention measurement technology, examined the impact of vertical video ads on purchase behavior. The study found that different platforms have varying attention retention and purchase rates, with attentive seconds significantly enhancing the prediction of actual sales.

The research evaluates four brands (JBL, Skullcandy, Nivea, and Weleda) through InContext vertical video ad exposure on mobile on three different video platforms. The participants watched a vertical video, then shopped on Amazon and filled out a questionnaire. The setting was combined with a shopping task on simulated Amazon.

Source: realeyes

It revealed that vertical videos are effective in driving purchases, especially for CPG brands, and emphasized the importance of testing ads in real-life contexts to optimize creative performance.

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