Quirk’s Events London 2021

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Quirk’s Events London 2021

The Quirk’s Event is an in-person Market Research Event with a lot of sessions related to market research insights and customer experience- filled to the brim with networking opportunities with Insights professionals!

We are happy for our presence at Quirk’s London and we are glad to be a sponsor of the Quirk’s Media events.

Unilever and eye square:
Uncovering Successful e-commerce Opportunities through Effective e-commerce Research

Room 1 | 10:00 am – 10:30 am | Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Gareth Tuck, Director of eye square UK and Felix Metger, Unit Lead Shopper Experience Berlin, both enjoyed being there in-person, meeting old and new friends and have good talks with many people.

Unilever accelerated their e-com research together with the eye square team. Our testing platform helped to uncover successful e-commerce opportunities.

Keith Sleight from Unilever spoke about the results and novel methodology of the case study, that was conducted in 2020 in Indonesia. Topics like global research and new techniques in qualitative and quantitative research were covered.

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