Press Release Berlin MEMEX Conference 2023

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Memex Berlin 2023 explores “Meaningful Attention” and the connection between man and machine

The upcoming MEMEX conference “Meaningful Attention” on 14 September 2023 in Berlin promises to be an exciting gathering, of experts, thought leaders and innovators at the intersection of technology, science, and art. Driven by Vannevar Bush’s visionary concept of MEMEX, this year’s conference in Berlin will focus primarily on the dynamic relationship between humans and machines.

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Where will the conference take place and how can I register?

MEMEX 2023 will take place on 14 September 2023 from 10:00 to 17:00, followed by an after-event, the Human Experience Family Pitch Night.

Venue: eye square GmbH, Schlesische Straße 29-30, 10997 Berlin.

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About “Meaningful Attention”

The central theme of MEMEX 2023 is “Meaningful Attention”. In today’s digital landscape, attention has become a dominant currency influencing user experience (UX), advertising, media and buyer research. The conference theme delves into the concept of attention and highlights the importance of a holistic approach to understanding the human experience in a digital context.

The event brings together experts from different fields and combines neuropsychological and psychoanalytical approaches. By exploring the complex interplay of perception, emotion and cognition, researchers and producers aim to solve pressing digital challenges. The state of research shows that it is no longer sufficient to rely on technical and machine metrics to analyze user behavior.

Memex Speakers

MEMEX 2023 offers an impressive line-up of speakers, including experts from eye square and leading companies such as Affectiva, Dynata, Double Verify, Link Services, concept m research + consulting, Seven.One Media and Walnut Unlimited.

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