Myth of the Mittelstand | Cicero, the magazine for political culture publishes entrepreneur portrait with Michael Schießl

Revolutionising market research with human experience

In a portrait in Cicero magazine, the author Carsten Korfmacher describes eye square’s corporate vision from the perspective of founder and CEO Michael Schießl

eye square’s business model revolves around the human experience and understanding the human experience as a whole. Michael Schießl, trained psychologist and CEO of eye square and founded the company together with friends in 1999. The magazine Cicero wrote a very personal portrait about our company and the founder in its October issue.

In a world where understanding consumer behaviour is of paramount importance, psychologist Michael Schießl, is at the forefront of a revolution in market research.

eye square has found a way to dive into the deepest emotions and thoughts of consumers and help large companies understand their customers on a whole new level.

Led by psychologist Michael Schießl, the company has perfected the art of making the hidden emotional world of consumers visible and measurable. This approach is called implicit market research, and our Berlin-based company is a global leader in this field.

Read translation of the article at Cicero magazine!

Read the full article by Carsten Korfmacher in the current issue of the German Cicero magazine!

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