planung & analyse | Portrait eye square Founder & CEO Michael Schießl

Art and Market Research as a Pillar of the Corporate Identity

A conversation with CEO Michael Schießl

In the current issue of planung & analyse, you will get to know CEO and eye square co-founder Michaels Schießl better as an entrepreneurial personality in a workshop discussion.  Michael Schießl reveals here that art and market research are similarly complex. His art collection is part of the corporate culture and corporate identity and is also a research subject. He says art helps decipher complex phenomena and opens up innovation. So it is no coincidence that works by artists who, like researchers, work with virtual and augmented realities are also part of the collection.

The collection of eye square is a bridge to the core topic of its own research approach: the exploration of the human experience. This is also a central subject in the research of art experience. What is still a challenge in the research of the art world, succeeds in the world of market research: to map the process of perceiving, feeling, and thinking as well as possible for the client.

Read more about Michael Schießl’s passion for art and the connection to market research in the portrait by Sabine Hedewig-Mohr in the current planung & analyse issue.

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