Understanding the human experience in art and science

As a company eye square is devoted to exploring and understanding human experience – in the digital, before and beyond. Under this auspice, we run regular series of interdisciplinary events and workshops, bringing various members of the international scene of arts, humanities and technology together in our Art Center “Kunsthalla”.

The eye square Human Experience Lab – A Holistic Approach to Human Experience

On December 1st we featured internationally-known artist Joulia Strauss and intellectual heavyweight Dr. Gerhard Schabert with “Commemorating and connecting to all artists and academics before us!” for an evening of art, mathematics, and philosophy.

Both Joulia and Gerhard are well regarded in the Berlin tech-art and intellectual scene for devising new avenues into understanding the present and future by accessing knowledge, aesthetics and wisdom from past eras, specializing in mediterranean cultures and linguistics, with both having been students of linguistics legend Friedrich Kittler.

Surprisingly, many of the challenges arising today from the dissemination of new technologies, whose impact is not yet well-understood, are not unlike those that new technologies posed in the past. In dialogue with the audience Joulia and Gerhard showed how Greek script arose out of a desire to make Greek music (aka beauty) transcend time and space.

The Greek alphabet was really a mathematic way of describing frequencies. Thus mathematics and arts / music were not been at odds at the beginning. Everywhere mathematics fills the universe – combining emotion and reason in a most profound way – and giving further foundation to eye square’s credo of combining systems of perception to make sense of reality and of the interaction between human beings, technologies (e.g. media) and content. The knowledge of Greek arts and science can help us to explore the virtual reality, as material products and art enter “the flow of time“ also known as the digital universe.

Eye square is deeply committed to a holistic approach of understanding human experience in the present – in real and virtual environments, their interaction or even their merging. For this we pursue research and education in natural sciences, humanities (social sciences) and digital technologies.

Get a more holistic approach to art, tech, science and human experience:

Joulia Strauss | Artist & Activist
Joulia Strauss was born in St. Petersburg in 1974. She is a shaman, multi-media artist, sculptor, and political activist and stands for disciplinary art and the unity of technology, science, activism, and art in Berlin and Athens. In collaboration with Peter Weibel and Friedrich Kittler, Joulia Strauss published the book “Götter und Schriften Rund ums Mittelmeer.

Dr. Gerhard Scharbert | Professor, philosopher & writer
Born in Frankfurt am Main. Humanistic grammar school, studies in Freiburg and Berlin with Friedrich Kittler, linguistics and literary studies, philosophy. Work for a Berlin Neuroscience Society as Coordinator, member of the Center for Literary and Cultural Research Berlin, university lecturer at Humboldt University since 2011.

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