LINK Innovation Day 2023

«Success through innovation»

On 05 September 2023, a variety of speakers and experts will gather in a power station in Zurich to present exciting lectures and case studies.

This year’s motto is: “Success through innovation”.

The event will focus on the practical use of AI, implicit research and customer-centric product development. Innovative approaches to solutions will be presented in the lectures and studies. The topics are relevant for almost every marketer, researcher, and product manager. The lecture series shows how success in marketing, market research, and company development can be ensured in the long term.

Visit the Innovation Day and benefit from the knowledge of industry experts and the opportunity to network!

Meet our expert Stefan Schönherr from the eye square team, and attend his presentation, which he will give together with Steffen Schmidt from Link Institute!

Participation in the event is free of charge, but the number of participants is limited!

More about Stefan Schönherr


Stefan Schönherr

Email: schoenherr@eye-square.com

The psychologist Stefan Schönherr has been working as a brand and media specialist in the Brand & Media Experience unit at eye square since 2007, has headed this unit since 2013, and has been a partner at eye square since 2018.

He supports and advises advertisers and marketers. Stefan Schönherr is a specialist in media consulting, advertising impact, and media reception. In addition to his intensive involvement with moving image advertising, Stefan is one of the leading experts in the processing and impact of digital creation and social media advertising.

In 2021, he conducted the largest media ethnography (Track the Success) in the German-speaking world, for Screenforce. He leads international award-winning studies such as “Power of Creation” (IAB Research Award, 2016) and “Display wirkt implizit” (BVM Innovation Award nomination, 2011).

He also moderates workshops on digital creation and speaks regularly at conferences.

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