Eye-Tracking and Ad Measurement | Jeff Bander Interview at MarTech

What are the advantages of eye-tracking technology, and how to use it in digital advertising measurement?

“Overall, the use of data and technology is helping advertisers to understand better and track the effectiveness of their digital ad campaigns and to optimize their ad spending for maximum return on investment. There is attention which must come first and then there is “Meaningful Attention” Does the attention drive interest and the desired behavior?”

– Jeff Ephraim Bander (CRO, eye square)

In an interesting interview at MarTech Series, Jeff Bander explains tactics for measuring attention and the benefits of working with tracking technologies like eye-tracking to help verify the effectiveness of digital ads. In digital advertising measurement, eye-tracking is a particularly useful technology because it can measure where users look on a web page and how long they then look at content or ads.

This makes it easier for advertisers to find out what kind of ads are most effective in attracting users’ attention. For even more precise targeting recommendations, the behavior of users can be observed in a live environment.

You can also learn how Jeff Bander views the future of the B2B advertising industry, what evolutions he sees in advertising effectiveness measurement, and which top global brands are using eye-tracking technologies to manage future campaigns with the acquired data.

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Jeff Bander

Email: bander@eye-square.com

Jeff Bander is Chief Revenue Officer at eye square. He also leads all eye square business activities in the US, a major growth market.

He has been in the market research field for over 20 years and had leading positions at several innovative market research companies focusing on the use of eye tracking technology to achieve a better understanding of customer needs and behavior.

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