Study On The Success Of Advertising In Moving Image Media

Track the Success
Why Advertising on TV is so effective

In the year 2021 eye square conducted together with Screenforce-Alliance, the in-home study “Track the Success”. This experimental study proves: the reception situation of the audience explains advertising impact.

“Track the Success” compares the effect of identical advertising spots on different media channels, specifically TV, BVOD, YouTube, and Facebook. The study focuses on the question of how viewers and users receive media content. What implications had the reception situation on the effect of advertising?

For this purpose, three factors were examined: Perception, reaction and effect. Perception includes, on the one hand, all variables relating to the technical playback of the advertisement: how long was the advertisement played, with which sound setting and which screen coverage.

On the other hand, it is about the visual attention of the viewers: How long did they look at the screen during the advertisement? “Reaction” means the emotional response and activation. How well does the advertisement succeed in emotionalising the viewer? Are they more relaxed or activated when watching content and advertising?

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