eye square and Frameplay in AdExchanger

eye square and Lumen cooperate in Validation of Frameplay’s new method of in-game advertising measurement


“With the in-game ad market heating up, tools for measuring the effectiveness of ad placements in gaming environments are increasingly important.”

Anthony Vargas, AdExchanger

AdExchanger recently took a look at the ad effectiveness of an ad placement inside the mobile game, Basketball Battle. Through examining the metrics collected by Frameplay’s “Intrinsic Time-In-View” that were validated by eye square’s eye-tracking software, the results showed that Frameplay’s method of in-game measurement was aligned with data gathered through computer vision and eye-tracking tech.

The new metric is built upon Frameplay’s proprietary, industry-leading viewability capability, and has been double-validated by studies from Lumen and eye square.

We concluded that critically testing Intrinsic Time-in-View turned out to be very close to the true real-life value provided by eye square’s eye tracking measurement. eye square gaming research sees great potential in Frameplay’s innovative ad framework technology to satisfy the changing commercial and cultural needs of advertisers, companies, and gamers.

More in-depth results, such as the comparison of in-game advertising vs. social media advertising results in numbers, and beyond, is available in the article- which you can access for free.

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