Article: The Core of Consumer Responses in eCommerce


The arrival of COVID-19 in mid-March started a long-term trend as more consumers are turning to online shopping than ever before. Even purchases of daily life have now migrated online. In our new shopping environment, which prioritizes distance and virtual connections, marketers are facing new challenges in assessing the efficiency of their advertisements. With sales taking place in front of a screen, how can brands take note of customer interactions and the impact of their marketing efforts? In the new article by Advertising Week, eye square’s U.S. CRO Jeff Bander explains the possibilities of eCommerce live testing and the importance of System 0.

“As e-commerce platforms like Amazon continue to hoard market share, many online advertisers are reluctant to risk testing their collateral in a live environment, preferring to use focus groups and surveys to refine spots before releasing them into the world. With so much on the line in concentrated ad buys, any misstep could have an outsize impact on a campaign’s financial performance. However, testing based on System 0 proves that there is no replacement for live testing and that brands will be advantaged by using live A/B testing to develop truly effective advertising techniques and creative. ” – says Jeff Bander.

The complete article with exciting insights and recommendations for action can be found here.

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