axe-con conference 2024

Digital accessibility and market research

eye square is sponsoring the virtual axe-con conference 2024

The world’s largest virtual conference for digital accessibility, “axe-con,” will take place from February 20th to 22nd, 2024. Each year, axe-con invites exceptional speakers, renowned thought leaders, and disability rights advocates who bring fresh perspectives on the subject and aim to establish digital accessibility in society.

We are committed to sponsoring this year’s “axe-con” as a community sponsor of the event and will support We are BGC (Black Girls Code), NV Access Limited and the Disability Visibility Project with our contribution.

The agenda at axe-con will feature presentations showcasing case studies of how enterprise companies are championing accessibility on a large scale. Additionally, attendees will gain insights into the latest best practices and updates from global technology leaders.

The main subjects to be covered are accessibility in development, accessibility in design, how organizations can succeed with accessibility, and an extra wildcard track.

Why the topic of accessibility is crucial in market research

The principle of the right to be heard applies to everyone. Market research projects provide a platform for individuals to express their thoughts, opinions, and ideas about products and services that impact their daily lives. A key goal of reputable market research is to make research accessible to all and create opportunities for anyone who wants to participate, with or without disabilities.

The accessibility of digital products is also crucial for the success of brands. Customers expect a brand experience to be inclusive, and accessibility can significantly impact brand revenue.

Discover the newest eye square image-text feature on the German platform marktforschung.de, providing insights into the European Accessibility Act and how eye square’s UX Accessibility Research can help!

We have chosen to support the axe-con event as a sponsor for various reasons

eye square teams collaborate on consumer and societal developments, focusing on accessibility in the digital world. Market research is crucial for making the digital world accessible, making eye square an ideal partner for barrier-free companies.

eye square employs international market research specialists with diverse understanding of research questions and communication strategies, specializing in UX research, particularly in accessibility, providing comprehensive analysis and evaluation in various languages and markets.

Join us as 83 dedicated speakers discuss digital accessibility at the virtual conference!

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“I love helping our customers discover that accessibility should not be the exception, but the rule. By building products with accessibility in mind, we are unlocking a more usable digital experience for everyone.
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Senior Research Consultant UX

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