eye square Accessibility Research and the European Accessibility Act

The time has come to set the stage for a future that is inclusive and barrier-free!


Achieve true accessibility and ensure barrier-free digital projects by leveraging eye square’s Accessibility Research to enable the creation of a barrier-free experience by 2025

Accessibility has an impact on the digital, virtual, and physical realms. Currently, government entities at the federal, state, and local levels are required to ensure that their websites comply with the AA level of WCAG 2.1. Starting from July 28, 2025, the private sector will also be subject to the Accessibility Reinforcement Act (BFSGV), which mandates that all new e-commerce platforms, operating systems, banking services, electronic communication, audiovisual media, e-books, and passenger transport services must be accessible. Existing offerings are granted a 5-year transition period.

Despite technological advancements, accessibility remains a constant challenge in the digital world. People with disabilities and older individuals still encounter significant barriers when interacting with digital content. Accessibility is also a crucial factor in the business sector. Our UX research team is the ideal partner as we can provide a comprehensive UX analysis for accessibility. With an interdisciplinary approach and a team of specialized research consultants in Accessibility UX research, we offer a thorough UX evaluation, prioritize issues based on severity, and provide practical recommendations for action.

Discover the newest image-text feature (in German) on marktforschung.de, providing insights into the field of accessibility and eye square’s UX Accessibility Research!

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