Experience-oriented shopping – the POS Experience


In the past months, we all experienced what we were missing in the many closed stores: real experiences, variety, inspiration, fleeting social encounters, and the small escape possibilities of everyday life. POS is becoming an experience. This is how stationary retail can attract shoppers, even in times of crisis. But how does the shopper perceive the POS? Which research methods lead to success? In the new article by display, eye square’s Senior Research Consultant Christian Göldner explains the possibilities of the POS experience and the importance of eye-tracking and reaction time measurement.

“With the help of eye-tracking, we take the shopper’s perspective and capture what they see. As always: unseen is unsold. In addition, we use BrandReact – an implicit association test – to measure shoppers’ emotions and ask for their explicit assessment of a specific store, advertising measure, product, or display in an interview. By doing this, we can comprehensively capture and psychologically explain the human experience at the POS on the levels of perception, implicitly, and explicitly. – says Christian Göldner.

The complete article with exciting insights and recommendations for action can be found here (in German).

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