Measuring Multi-Screen Around the World facebook & eye square present Mulitscreen Testing; Illustration by Keckeis Krupna in Jersey City at ARF audience xscience 2019

International multi-screen ethnography
presented at ARF

The results of the multi-screen ethnography will be presented at the conference ARF audience x science. The conference takes place on April 16, 12:40 – 1:10 pm as part of the session “Attention, Please!”:


“Measuring Multi-Screen Around the World”


with Stephen Gray (Consumer Researcher, Facebook)

and Susann Szukalski (Senior Research Consultant, eye square)


    • How do people all over the world watch TV today?
    • How do they spread their attention between TV and smartphone
    • Which apps are used in parallel while watching TV?

eye square has conducted one of the most comprehensive global multi-screen attention ethnographies for Facebook (Germany, France, England, USA, Brazil, Indonesia).


Therefore, eye square visited 544 households out of 763 Facebook users aged 18+ who watched television in different constellations (alone, with partner, friend or child) and were allowed to use their smartphones in parallel.


For the measurement in the multi-screen ethnography, eye square has used a unique mobile combination of HD eye tracking, content recording and encoding.
In addition to determining the attention periods on the various devices, content seen on each screen was recorded.

Study results

    • While content is running on TV, viewers look at their smartphone 28% of the time
    • In commercial breaks, the smartphone is the most important pastime (55% of the time the audience is looking at the small screen)
    • Multi-screening in commercial breaks is even more common in Brazil and Indonesia than in Western Europe and the US
    • In all countries, social media is the most important app category used on smartphones – apps from the Facebook family globally account for 3 of the top 5 spots of the most widely used multi-screen apps


Check the Facebook IQ report for more insights of the multi-screen study.

Market research at digital touchpoints

Market research under the most realistic conditions, such as the multi-screen study by Facebook presented at ARF, is one of eye square’s main USPs. Therefore, our development team developed a unique in Context testing software, which allows ad testing on live websites. Test ads can be presented in the authentic viewing context of the personal news feed of survey respondents on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms, just like the ad would normally show if the campaign was already launched.


The solution supports all relevant ad formats and captures any response behavioural data during the ad exposure phase. The fastest way to test ads on live websites is the InContext Express.

Facebook ARF multi-screen study

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