Ecommerce and Advanced Marketing Research Tools | Interview with Volga Benjamin

Why market research has to deliver advanced marketing research tools in the area of e-commerce

Market research companies need to constantly keep up with the latest tools and technologies to deliver useful and relevant insights to their clients.

In an exclusive interview, the online-magazine CXOToday asked Volga Benjamin Fernandez, director of the India region at eye square, about the use of advanced market research tools in the highly dynamic and technology-driven e-commerce industry.

She explains how e-commerce studies are conducted by eye square and what the company has done for the FMCG market?

Read the full interview on the CXOToday website.

 Volga Benjamin Fernandez


Volga Benjamin Fernandez

Email: benjamin@eye-square.com

Volga Benjamin is Director of the region India at eye square. She focuses on marketing communications, business development and project handling and coordination

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