Berlin UX360 Recap

“Access for all”-a compelling talk at UX360 with an unique perspective to the UX world from Julia Gurney


On the UX360 Summit, Julia Gurney delivered a compelling presentation on the critical aspects of digital access for blind and visually impaired individuals on the UX360 event in Berlin. Her session “Uncovering Digital Accessibility: A Journey from Automation to Human Insight” provided a thorough examination of the real challenges these users face in digital navigation.

Julia Gurney is a Senior UX Researcher and Accessibility Lead at eye square. With a social science background and experience from the healthcare world, she brings a unique perspective to the UX space. Julia has worked in research for half a decade, with the last 3 years spent leading accessibility research studies for Fortune 100 companies. In her role at eye square, she leads digital accessibility research, dedicated to the goal of giving every user a voice. Her efforts focus on turning the ideal of ‘access for all’ into everyday practice, thereby helping brands keep their promise to every customer.

Check out the photos of the event and discover Julia Gurney in action!

Her team members kicked off the event a bustling booth, and created togehter the perfect backdrop for innovative exchanges and learning at UX360 Berlin event. A big shoutout to our UX event team:

Carina de López
Julia Gurney
Isabell Fettweiß
Ariane Rahn
Max Pietzker
Florian Fried
and Katharina Müller

In the actual video showcasing highlights of the UX360 event Carina de López, shares what she particularly liked about the event and why she enjoyed attending!

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The Berlin UX360 Research Summit 2024 Social Review

May 16th marked the launch of the first in-person UX360 Research conference in Berlin, drawing 250 participants from over 30 countries. The event transitioned from a virtual platform to a live gathering, bringing together UX researchers for an energetic and engaging experience.

AI was “The Elephant in the Room” and a central theme throughout the Merlien conference. Marcos Nunes-Ueno from Meta emphasized the shift towards a future where AI manages tasks instead of individual apps. Also Akshay Verma from Duolingo highlighted the need to embrace AI while maintaining the essence of user research as a people-oriented discipline. AI can aid in creating discussion guides, survey questions, and enhancing research reports.

One of the most significant takeaways from the conference was the importance of UX researchers identifying the culture of their organizations. By doing so, they can tailor their approaches to leverage research findings effectively, ensuring they are trusted and impactful. This adaptability is crucial for driving meaningful change and fostering a deeper integration of UX research within business strategies.

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