Teams at eye square | Interview with Intern Amir Malik

My Experience as a Digital Marketing Intern at eye square

Over the winter, Amir Malik was lucky enough to work as a Digital Marketing Intern at eye square. He neared the end of his Bachelor Degree at the Naresuan University International College in Thailand.


He supported the eye square marketing team and learned to use his skills in Business Administration. Amir jumped into the market research working world, a sector he was interested in. In this interview, he tells you more about his experiences as a member of the team, his tasks and projects, and what he appreciates most about the working culture at eye square.

Why did you choose eye square for an internship, and what did you like most about your time as a marketing intern?

eye square is an international company and a leading provider of implicit and in context market research technologies, which I find very appealing. I decided to do an internship in the marketing field because marketing is customer-centric. I enjoyed many aspects of my internship, including the experience and new knowledge I’ve gained, and to practice skills that I have been still lacking. My supervisor and team members were very helpful and advised. They were always there for me, no matter how confused I was.

Since when have you been working at eye square, in which team, which tasks have you taken on there, and what do you find particularly exciting?

In December 2022, I began working as an intern on the marketing team at eye square. I’ve worked on a variety of tasks, ranging from initial marketing to digital marketing and some related technical marketing tasks.

However, the majority of the time, I was responsible for assisting my colleagues with their tasks, which I find quite interesting because I sometimes get to do things that I haven’t done before.

Did you get the feeling that your team and the company encourages your individual successes?

I believe that making my goals visible to my colleagues helped me to focus, and it gives me the feeling that I have the support of my colleagues to complete the tasks indepenently. Also, when we have been working together or when I assist my colleagues with their tasks, I feel that it can create an energetic and highly creative work environment where engagement and communication thrive. Every team member is very enthusiastic about what they are doing.

At the end of a degree study program, it is very helpful to practice what you have learned. An internship gives you guidance for your further career path and support through the feedback of your co-workers. For me, the internship at eye square is a stepping stone between my previous experiences and the professional reality that awaits me after my graduation.

Culture shapes the way we work and influences working life. Did you recognize some cultural differences while working at eye square?

In comparison to my home country, I found working at eye square to be very relaxed. First and foremost, it is about the clothes we wear to work. Many people who work in eye square dress very casually. They can wear whatever makes them feel comfortable, but in my country, clothing, jewelry, and even hairstyles are very strict.

Another difference is that people here are more outspoken and direct, whereas in my country, we are quieter and always smile, even when the situation is stressful and awkward, which I believe is a significant difference.

Did you feel comfortable in your working environment at eye square? What do you like?

Yes, I was very at ease. We have an office without walls or cubicles to separate employees. When there is a technical problem, I can easily reach another team for help or to fix some issues. What I like best about the internships here is that they allow flexible hours and remote work. After Covid-19, the company also allowed you to work from home and in the office. Thus, it is very convenient, especially for employees who live far away from the workplace or have a family.

You are about to finish your Bachelor Degree in Thailand. Does your knowledge help you with the tasks in the eye square marketing team?

It is very beneficial. As I am currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Business Administration program, many of my courses focus on business activities, planning, and customer relationship management.

Prior to joining eye square, I worked part-time as a digital marketer at a hotel in Bangkok. My experience has also aided me in gaining a better understanding of the company’s marketing process.

However, there are some issues, such as platforms I’ve never heard of or used, which slows down the work because it takes time to practice. But I realized how I could use my own marketing skills to develop the branding of a company.

Where would you like to work in the future, and what are your plans after your graduation?

After completing my internship, I intend to apply for a job related to the career path that I have chosen, which is marketing. I also want to learn and gain more knowledge about consumer behavior, the consumer market, and other current market issues.

eye square provides me with a pleasant working environment. So, if possible, I’d like to continue working with this company. I feel like I’m expanding my skill set and gaining valuable experience by interning here. I’d also like to begin my Master’s degree while still working, so that I can add even more value to the organization.

Do you have some tips how other students could maximise their internship?
  • Be as proactive as you can – approach your team members outside the working schedule and ask if you are uncertain about your work.Take the initiative to learn more about the work, and ask for feedback on your assignments.
  • For me it was important is to try to set my own goals for the internship. I was thinking about what I wanted to take away from the internship.
  • Have faith in your ideas and your skills – as you learn and get used to the work!
Thank you for your time and all the best for your further projects!

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