Recommendable campaign “Stop Repeating Stories”

Times of crisis and war are bad times for humanity. This problem is currently becoming more prevalent in the German public and the consciousness of many people. A lack of humanity is expressed, among other things, through anti-Semitism. Especially as a company based also in the German capital Berlin, we are saddened by an increasing violence in words and actions against Jews in Germany and throughout Europe. There is great sensitivity for this topic in Germany, where mercy and reason were badly abandoned eighty years ago. Even though much of the new violence has different roots and is related to foreign conflicts, it is imperative that Germans stay awake and aware of this specific danger.

This is why we recommend a new campaign launched by the Central Council of Jews in collaboration with the Serviceplan agency. At https://www.stop-repeating-stories.org/en/ you can find stories and examples of anti-Semitism that tie in from today to yesterday and show how one word leads to another and ultimately to crime and murder. With special regard for the beauty of creation and using very subtle AI design, „Stop Repeating Stories“ makes clear that the prevention of evil requires a stance for the good, true, and beautiful. This message and the call for reflection and resistance is particularly important in times of high emotionalization and polarization due to rapid and often tendentious information. Resisting and reflecting is a quasi-martyrlike attitude, not least in the maelstrom of information and the apparent pressure to constantly take a position.

There are also strong role models in German history who fought against the exclusion and persecution of minorities and people who think differently. In its own projects, eye square deals with people like Bernhard Lichtenberg, who paid with his life for his advocacy for Jews during National Socialism. https://www.eye-square.com/de/maertyrerkunstwerk/. Knowledge of such stories is important for a sustainable, respectful and meaningful digital life and is particularly irreplaceable in times of digital tribulation. For this reason, we recommend the “Stop Repeating Stories” campaign – avoid the wrong stories and multiply the right ones.

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