Webinar & Interview | Online-Stores and User Expectations

WEBINAR  February 02, 2023
11:00 CET

„What users expect from online stores: e-commerce in 2023“

Together with VWO, the eye square team presents the results of the study “What users expect from online stores: eCommerce in 2023” in this marktforschung.de web seminar.

In cooperation with VWO, numerous qualitative interviews were conducted with online shoppers about their experiences and expectations in eCommerce. The results with more than 400 participants were quantified and thus exciting insights into pain points and highlights in different industries could be gained and the decisive factors for an optimal user experience could be worked out.

The webinar takes an in-depth look at online store user expectations, critical factors, and features in online shopping, and shows when online shopping expectations can be met, exceeded, or disappointed.

What you can learn:

‘Must-haves’ and ‘no-goes’ of UX at critical stages of the eCommerce Customer Journey.

Detailed analysis of the ideal Customer Journey for the biggest eCommerce industries: Fashion, Electronics, Furniture and Food.

Checklist to optimize your website

UX eCommerce trends for 2023


  • Ariane Rahn (UX Research Consultant, eye square)
  • Dominik Unser-Nad (Principal UX Research Consultant, eye square)
  • Jan Marks (Direktor für Europa und Lateinamerika, VWO)

On our January webinar tip, check out an interview with Ariane Rahn and Dominik Unser-Nad from the eye square UX Research Team along with Jan Marks, Director for Europe and Latin America at VWO.

Online retail is growing exponentially every year. And with it, users’ expectations of online stores. What surprised our research team the most in the joint study with VWO?

For example, the choice of device for online shopping. For users, the importance of a mobile-optimized solution is emphasized, but the desktop PC is not disregarded either. After all, some types of products are still preferred to be shopped on a laptop or desktop PC than on a smartphone.

And users focus on about two to four online stores for shopping, even though the range is constantly growing. This observation shows why it is so important to prevail over the competition and retain users with a convincing user experience.

What UX trends are emerging in e-commerce for 2023 and on what consumers should pay attention, for instance, in online reviews, will be explained by Ariane Rahn, Dominik Unser-Nad from eye square and Jan Marks from VWO in this latest interview (in German) at marktforschung.de.

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