planung&analyse interview with Dr. Matthias Rothensee

planung & analyse interview with Matthias Rothensee

Under the title “When every second counts”, Dr. Matthias Rothensee, interviewed by planung & analyse, gives a small foretaste of this year’s Deeper Insights Days and talks about how to achieve the best attention in today’s media landscape, which new strategies entrepreneurs should rely on to give their advertising the best possible attention and how eye square’s “Meaningful Attention” strategy can help them to gain a deeper understanding of human perception.

Our eye square expert Dr. Matthias Rothensee shares these and many more interesting thoughts in his new interview with planung & analyse.

Interested? Read the full interview here!

At this year’s Deeper Insights Days, hosted by Planung & Analyse, we will dive deeper into the world of market research and insights generation and talk about our latest tools, methods and studies.

Our eye square expert, Dr. Matthias Rothensee (Chief Scientific Officer and Partner) will take you deeper into the world of perceptual psychology and provide you with answers on the topic of “Meaningful Attention”.

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