OMS Mobile Advertising Effect: Second screen becomes the first screen

The second screen is taking over the television evermore as first screen.  This is the result of the OMS  Mobile Advertising Effect Studydone by premium marketer OMS (oms.eu) in collaboration with eye square.


95% of mobile daily newspaper website users fiddle, while watching television, with an other device such as a smartphone, tablet or computer as second screen.  The television no longer has the full and undivided attention. On the contrary with the second screen in use 65% of the attention is primarily focused on the second screen and not on the television.  The second screen is thereby becoming first screen.



For the most extensive attention and effect possible, advertisers no longer get by the second screen.  Therefore, mobile advertising is increasingly becoming a success factor when it comes to targeting consumers across all screens.  This clearly demonstrates the ‘OMS Mobile Advertising Effect Study’, said Linda Mozham, OMS Commercial Director and Member of the Executive Board. The ‘OMS Mobile Advertising Effect Study’ was commissioned by OMS to be conducted by eye square GmbH in November 2013.  For the lab study with live advertisement replacement on live websites more than 450 advertising contacts were, during this time period, surveyed on mobiles, desktops websites in OMS’ entire portfolio.



Stefan Schönherr & Dr. Matthias Rothensee

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