Michael Schiessl on Receptivity and the future of market research

After 19 years of experience in implicit market research, eye square now combines its unique research tools in the e2 Live Receptivity Platform, an approach which already received patent protection in the USA.

Our CEO, Michael Schiessl explained the concept of receptivity and gave valuable insights into market research of today and its future tendencies:


“Receptivity goes beyond digital indicators and reveals the human side of the man-machine interaction”


What exactly is meant by “receptivity” in the context of market research? 

In the digital now people are facing an exponentially growing amount of commercially intended contacts. To handle this increasing flow of information, people are creating filters, either on their devices or in their heads.

Receptivity is the opposite of a filter, meaning that people experience the touchpoint in an open and attentive state of mind. Receptivity goes beyond the digital indicator, e.g. a viewable impression, a video duration, a click; and reveals the human side of a touchpoint. It is of utmost relevance for digital marketing, ecommerce and user experience to understand this human side of the touch.

Basis for the Receptivity Platform is the Live In Context technology, which allows us to implement systematic and real A/B tests as well as to modify advertising, products and/or user flows. Measurement is based on experience and follows an experimental approach. Receptivity is determined between different touchpoints on the basis of attention and both explicit and implicit components. Joy is the central KPI in this process. The fundamentals of the technology have been used and applied by eye square for over 8 years and it has been awarded numerous prizes such as the German Market Research Prize. It has also been used by companies like Google, eBay, Facebook, Daimler or AT&T.

The e2 Live Receptivity Platform received patent protection in the United States – what do you think about the advancement of the USA in terms of market research?

America is a large, innovative and technologically advanced country, and so is Germany. We have a number of exciting approaches revolving around market research and of course we believe that eye square is part of this. Last year eye square registered once again a global growth of more than 30% at a considerably higher rate in the US market. We want to build on this development and expand our business further in the USA.

Let’s have a view into the future: what does market research look like ten years from now?

In the digital now we often hear about the dark metaphor of data as the new oil. Now, more than ever, we have the inevitable need to extract this oil. Market research with its unique understanding of the human desire, its ability to identify relationships, causality and meaning. It will flourish and inspire the industry. Right now, we are in a revolutionizing process with methods at hand, detecting human processes outside conscious control, and with technologies which can systematically modify the environment and processes of accelerated dynamics.

So market research needs to be completely transparent to prove its objectivity. It has to be conducted in real world environments to deliver reliable data, it needs causal test designs to contribute with valid insights and all of this should be in line with the speed of the future companies which is the speed of the universal machine.


More information on e2 Live Receptivity Platform.


Michael Schiessl

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