Instore Market Research | eye square at Display Magazin 3/2023

The Instore Customer Journey – Data as Key

Online shops track all user activities and make personalized product recommendations. But what possibilities does in-store retail have to gain more insight into customer behavior?

Customer traffic, walking paths or the length of time shoppers spend at the POS can be measured with analysis tools.

This enables retailers to better understand customer behavior, optimize their sales floors and improve the shopping experience to increase sales.

Information can also be collected at the micro level: what kind of person, gender, and age entered my store?

Depending on the goals a retailer is pursuing with in-store analytics, companies now have a range of techniques at their disposal.

Another possibility to optimize the sales floor is provided by eye square market research. To do this, we use a neuro-semiotic model in combination with technology and a carefully targeted selection of questioning methods.

Learn more from Katharina Tanneberger in the article being published in the German issue of Display magazine!

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