Carolin Gräfe

Senior Research Consultant

Carolin Graefe works as a research consultant at eye square and holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Before joining the eye square team, Carolin gained experience at one of Germany’s largest online panel providers. Due to this experience she is particularly interested in understanding how to successfully connect with consumers in anonymous, online research projects.


She is passionate about answering the question: how can companies manage the delicate relationship between data driven services and the data security of their customers? From a methodological perspective she focuses on research approaches that ensure high validity in regards to online surveys with the use of innovative technologies and transparency for the respondent. Carolin is eye square’s expert for the retail sector and regularly tests TV campaigns for large German retail companies.


Carolin Gräfe drives her colleagues at eye square to top athletic performances. Personally, she also seeks the challenge, for example, in the half marathon at the Arctic Circle. When she is not participating in running events, she passionately travels the world with her backpack.







Techniker Krankenkasse

Carolin Gräfe has extensive experience in conducting user experience interviews, group discussions and TV tests.


She investigates the visual ad performance of online ads of international corporations and implements advertising impact studies in the field of TV ads as well as optimization of TV campaigns.



Carolin Gräfe

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